City Row Apartments in Madison Wisconsin.

City Row Apartments are located at the corner of East Johnson and Blair Street on Madison's near east side.

City Row Apartments located on Madison's near east side.City Row Apartments in Madison Wisconsin.City Row Apartment Amenities.City Row Apartments site plan.City Row Apartments offer efficiencies, 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments.Photos of City Row Apartments.City Row Apartments is located on the near east side of Madison.Contact City Row Apartments for leasing information.Call 608-250-2551 for City Row Apartments leasing information.

City Row Apartments Location Map

       City Row Apartments - 602-626 East Johnson Street - Madison, Wisconsin

City Row Apartments location map.

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Handicapped Accessible.Equal Housing Opportunity.

City Row Apartments are develooed and managed by Stone House Development, Inc. based in Madsion Wisconsin.

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